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2019.07.12 update

What’s wrong with my car!? - White Smoke / Black Smoke

If you drive your diesel truck for many years, you may have experienced that your car exhausted the smoke from the muffler pipe.


Black and white smoke is often to be the signals which notify you the damages of your truck. If you leave your truck discharge those smokes, it can cause your truck critically damaged. However, if you notice the smoke at the early stage and give your truck a proper maintenance, you can prolong the longevity of your buddy.


So today, let’s see what the main causes and solutions for those conditions are! 


First of all, there are different causes and repairing methods for those smokes according to their colors.


Causes of Black Smoke

1.Lack of Oxygen

Diesel engine fires the fuel by the air which is pressed and heated up inside the engine. The less the amount of air is, the higher the percentage of fuel is. Thus, it starts to exhaust more black smoke from the muffler pipe.



Clean the air cleaner. Dust and dirt in the air cleaner prevents the engine take in the air. So, clean the air cleaner and let your truck breeze properly.



2.Incomplete Combustion

The defect or dust of the fuel pump or injection nozzle can cause the trouble such as over jet of the fuel, wrong timing of the fuel injection. 



Check the fuel pump or injection nozzle and see if they are working properly. 



3.Lack of Compressive Force due to Worn-out Cylinder

Usually, fuel is ignited in a cylinder and around a piston ring, however, the worn-out cylinder or piston ring can cause knocking or the incomplete combustion, which can cause the black smoke.



Exchange the cylinder or piston ring. However, it is not as easy as it sounds unfortunately. You have to overhaul the engine to fix. Sometimes it is easier and cheaper to just get a new truck.

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Causes of White Smoke

1.Oil Loss through the Piston

Oil loss means that engine oil leaks from the cylinder head side to fuel combustion chamber due to the deteriorated valve or the loosened rubber. Because of this oil loss, leaked engine oil will be built up in the exhalation valve and the oil will be burned mixed with diesel fuel in the combustion chamber. The significant symptom of this oil loss is that the white smoke is not exhausted much during the drive, however, it is exhausted largely when you accelerate the engine after some idling. 



If the condition is not too bad, you can just pour some additives which makes the oil stickier and fill the gaps. If the condition is worse and the additives does not work, you need to exchange the valve seal. 



2.Water Mixed in the Fuel 

If some water is mixed in the fuel, the exhaust gas will contain more water vapor and it will cause white smoke. 



Remove the water out of fuel from the drain of the fuel tank. It can reduce the white smoke.



Black smoke sounds worse than white smoke, but actually white smoke can be the symptoms for worse condition.

If you find any suspicious symptoms, we highly recommend you bring your truck to your reliable mechanic and let them check the condition.

Good luck!



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