YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. reserves the right to update the Terms of Use (TOU) at any time without notice to User. In this case, we shall display the changed contents on the Site and subsequently the User will be bound by the changed Rules and Regulations at the earlier of the point when User uses the Service for the first time or the point when the notification period provided by us has passed.

By accessing or using the Site, or by ticking the agree of this state, User hereby agree to accept the TOU set forth in this Agreement as User. User shall be bound by the TOU of this Agreement with respect to user access or use of this Site and any further upgrade, modification, addition or change to this Site. If User do not accept all of the TOU of this Agreement, please do not use this Site.

All of other terms of use, special agreements, rules etc. provided by YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. regarding the Service are deemed to be applied as one unit with these Regulations (the “Rules and Regulations”). In such case, if the contents of these Regulations are different from the contents of other terms of use, special agreements, or rules etc., the provisions of such other terms of use, special agreements, or rules etc. will take precedence.

Website Usage

  1. The features and services on the YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. site is provided on the "as is" and "as available" basis, and we hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranty.
  2. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. shall post the necessary or recommended environment for using this Service on the Site. User must maintain this usage environment at their own expense and responsibility.
  3. User may not copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, disassemble, reverse-engineer, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, upload to create derivative works from, transmit, communicate or in any other way exploit any part of the information or material obtained through the Website and/or the Website's material.
  4. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. will take security measures at the level it judges reasonable regarding the server and other network equipment managed by us, but it is possible that incidents such as unlawful access, information leakage, or distribution of harmful programs could occur, in spite of these measures. Furthermore, as we do not take security measures regarding information that travels over the Internet or other open networks unless specifically stated, and since even if security measures are taken they could be overridden, it is possible that information could be stolen, falsified etc.

Prohibited Acts

  1. No user shall attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. server or to any of the Services, through hacking, password mining or any other means.
  2. User shall not conduct any actions or obstruction that damage the credibility or demean the reputation of YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD., the Site, or the Service.

Obligation and Right

  1. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. has no obligation to monitor the Communication Services (The Services may contain e-mail services, newsletter, tell your friend and/or other message or communication facilities designed to enable you to communicate with us or others). However, we. reserves the right to review materials posted to the Communication Services and to remove any materials in its sole discretion. We reserves the right to terminate user's access to any or all of the Communication Services at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.
  2. User grant us exclusive rights in all of posted information on this website, and all information derived or generated from it, in all existing or future media. These rights include but are not limited to the right to display user's information anywhere, to search the information, and, consistent with our Privacy policy, to repackage and resell it to anyone for any reason.
  3. Should changes occur in user information such as name, address, telephone number, and other information provided to YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD at the time of application, users must report any such changes to us immediately.
    Where the user neglects to inform the company of changes in registered information, the user understands that we will deem any notification sent to have been received by the user at the time it is supposed to be received, even if said notification returns to us as undeliverable, as the notification will be sent as indicated in the information previously provided to us by the user.
  4. If the information provided by user upon inquiry or procedure afterwards is false, YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. reserves the right to refuse user's use of this site.
  5. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. reserved the rights of canceling any fraud/incomplete order without any prior intimation in written or verbal.
  6. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. may suspend or terminate part or all of the Service without prior notice due to system failure,
  7. Please be acknowledge that user may restrict, delete, or prohibit communication in order to comply with our obligation based on user regulations. This judgment can be made by our own decision.
  8. In order to investigate whether they violate prohibited acts, we have a right to obtain cooperation from users regarding submission of materials.
  9. It is the user's obligation to provide complete and accurate information and YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. is not responsible for problems arising from information provided by user.


  1. Under no circumstances shall YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. be held liable for a delay or failure or disruption of the content or services delivered resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control.
  2. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. makes no representations or warranty about the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, and/or other problems with the information, products and services provided.
  3. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. is not responsible for any delay in shipping the unit purchased/ordered.
  4. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. do not have any obligation to make payment refund on any undertook remittance.
  5. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD.does not take any responsibility for the damage that occurs because of the delay, interruption, and discontinuance of providing internet service.
  6. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. doesn't assume the responsibility of disadvantage that User may have from ending any of our Service.
  7. If YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. judges that notice is required to be made to User, it will make the notice to the registered address using electronic mail, postal mail, telephone, fax, or another appropriate method. In this case the notice will be deemed to have arrived when it would normally have arrived, even if it does not arrive or arrives late.
  8. The information, data, software, products, and services provided by through the Service YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. may include inaccuracies or faults. Furthermore, we may add to, change, or delete all or part of this information etc.
  9. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. sometimes posts links from the YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. Web Content to other sites. Even in this case YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. will not make any warranties, endorse, act as an agent, mediate, intercede, or conduct any canvassing, and does not bear any responsibility regarding the information and services etc. provided at the linked site. Further, whether authorized or not, the same applies for sites that link to the Site.
  10. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the vehicle during and/or after it has reached the destination port.

Compensation and Cancellation

  1. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. does not accept any cancellation or refund under any circumstances after payment transfer has been made from User.
  2. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. does not accept any compensation including but not limited to vehicle condition, shipment delay, or inaccuracies/faults of information under any circumstances.

Applicable Law

  1. YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as we deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in our sole discretion. See the Privacy Policy disclosures relating to the collection and use of User's information.
  2. The governing law for these Rules and Regulations, the Site, and the Service is the law of Japan.
  3. The Okayama District Court has exclusive jurisdiction as a court of first instance regarding any dispute concerning these Rules and Regulations, the Site, or the Service.
  4. Based on the OFAC regulation, YAMADA SHARYO CO., LTD. expressly prohibit the use of our service from countries banned any transaction. We do arrange a shipment to User's designated port, however, we do not bear any liability on further migration route, final destination, purpose of use and purpose of purchase.

These Rules and Regulations constitute the entire agreement between User and YAMADA SHARYO CO.,LTD. regarding the service and the Site and take precedence over all previous or current communications or suggestions made either electronically, in writing, or verbally.


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