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Different Types of Tires

Tires are the only place of a vehicle where touch the ground. Choosing the suited tires can make a big difference on the drive performance. This time, I will share with you as many types of truck tires as possible. To be honest, I did not know that tires have this many of types.



Types of Tires

<Bias Tire>

The tire frame (carcass) is placed diagonally. It is called “bias structure”.

• Vibration during the drive is little and comfortable to ride.



<Radial Tire>
Radial structure means the tire frame (carcass) is placed radially from the center of the tire.


• Good grip and maneuverability.
• It has less rolling resistance and has good fuel economy.
• It prevents the tires get too hot.



<Tube Tire>
There is a tube that contains air inside the tire, and most of tires were of this type in olden times.

• Used in 10ton trucks to support the weight by the tube.
• You can drive even if the tires and wheels are damaged as long as there is no damage to the tube.
• It is suited to drive on bad roads by lowering the air pressure of the tube.

<Tubeless Tire>

Like its name, there is no tube inside the tire to put some air. A rubber sheet called an inner liner is attached in the tire instead. And it prevents air from leaking.

• Even if you get a flat tire, air does not deflate rapidly.
• As the air inside the tire has direct contact with the rim, the effect of heat dissipation is high, and the temperature of the tire goes down.




Types of Tread Pattern
The truck tire has a pattern called tread pattern, and the shape of the pattern affects the driving. If you are a driver, please remember it.


<Rib Type>
The most suitable pattern to drive on good roads (paved roads). The tires have parallel groove in the circumferential direction.

• Straight-running stability is high.
• Excellent drainage.
• There is little friction with the road surface.



<Lag Type>
The tires have a deep groove pattern in the lateral direction. The pattern is suitable for bad road.
• High driving and braking power



<Rib Rug Type>
It is suitable for driving on both good roads and bad roads. The tires have a pattern of ribs and lugs.

• Versatility with a combination of rib and lag performance.
• Mainly used for trucks that run only short distances.

<Stud less Type>

The pattern is suitable for cold regions such as ice burns. The tires have a lot of fine cut patterns and are excellent in drainage effect.

• High grip and drainage on ice and snow.
• Enhance braking on ice burns and help trucks not to slips.



<Block Type>
The tires have a block pattern, so it is suitable for snowy roads and bad roads.

• High driving and braking power.
• It is available for both summer and snowy roads.

Importance of Choosing Tires

Tires are related to the basic performance of the truck. For example, “support the weight”, “shock absorption” and “running, stopping and turning”. Choosing the suited tires will greatly affect these three elements.
Types of tires have different characteristics, and also it affects driving. It is important to choose a tire that suits your truck's transportation purpose.


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