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2019.06.14 update

What can you do to ride your car for a long time?

Today, we want to recommend you do maintenance on your car so that you can enjoy your driving life with your favorite car for a long time. There are many advantages for daily inspections, such as maintaining high performance. There are several points to be kept in maintenance!



Changing Engine Oil and Oil Filter (Element)
Engine oil is the oil that circulate internally to smooth the engine operation, which is a necessary part of the vehicle’s movement, and is a very important point among car maintenances.
Engine oil is clean inside the new vehicle, but it gets dirty by various factors such as “heat from engine”, “dust”, “gasoline” etc… and the oil will turn into a black and sticky.

Generally, oil change is required per 5,000km or every half year. Also oil filter has an important function to maintain oil clean. It contains a paper for filtering. Since the filter paper is structured to catch the dirt contained in the oil, the dirt accumulates on the paper and washing ability is gradually declined. It is common to change the oil filter once every two oil changes.




Changing tire and adjustment of the air pressure of tire
Tires are important part that directly contacts the road surface and effects the ride quality and fuel efficiency of a car. The tires are always in contact with the road surface when the car is running, so they wear our naturally and the grooves are reduced. Extremely worn tires are very dangerous as they become slippery in wet conditions such as rainy days. Also, be aware that braking performances will be worse.

 Additionally, the air pressure of tire is a very important factor for better driving performance. Tires can show their original performance when the air pressure is in the appropriate level, but if the air pressure is lower than appropriate, disadvantage will occur such as “deterioration in fuel efficiency” or “instability at curve”. On the other hand, if it is higher than appropriate, problems such as “the feeling of pushing up from the ground becomes stronger” will occur. Since the air is naturally discharged, it is best to adjust the pressure once a month.



Changing the air cleaner
 Air cleaner is a filter installed in the passage of the air entering the engine, and plays a role of catching debris in the air so that they do not enter into the engine.

It is recommended to replace the new air filter every two years or every 20,000km as the dirt is accumulated. In addition, the car that often runs on a dirty road or mountain road with a lot of dusty dirt, the air cleaner often gets dirty earlier than usual, so in that case, changing the cleaner even in a cycle of every year or every 10,000km is ideal.


If you give maintenance regularly, the probability of extending the life of your vehicle will increase. Not only that, but also understanding the condition of your car will also prevent the accidents to occur. So we recommend you to do regular maintenance of the car!


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