2019.05.10 update

Keep Your Engine Healthy

You should hear and see a word which "oil change" at the gas station. Changing engine oil regularly is essential for your car / truck absolutely.

When should we change the oil? The timing of oil change differs depending on the size of the truck.


For example;

• 2 Ton truck = 20,000 km or once a year

• 4 Ton truck = 30,000 km or once a year

• 10 Ton truck = 40,000 km or once a year

*Please be noted that above is just the recommended standard, so it changes depending your truck condition and usage condition.


Why do we need to change the oil? Even if you don’t drive your truck, oil will oxidize and deteriorate. And engine oil circulates in the engine. It works like the blood if it is human. If you do not change the oil, the engine output may decrease, or engine may be burned. So, exchanging to new ones regularly is very important.


The biggest advantage of changing oil is "the fuel efficiency is improved". The engine runs smoothly and the load on the engine is less, so there is less extra fuel consumption.


In addition, changing the oil improves "cooling effect". Therefore, overheat problems that may occur when you transport can be avoided. And, stable combustion inside the engine will reduce vibration of engine and noise. So, regular oil change will be required regardless of mileage.


If you fail to exchange the engine oil, it will be very risky for your vehicles. With regular oil change, engine life can last longer and reduce the costs of engine problems and replacement. 


All parts of the truck are consumables. Please check your truck regularly for defects and maintain with your kind care.



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We came back to our office from this Tuesday! Our office had been closed from April 27th to May 6th because of the Golden Week Holidays. (It contains consecutive national holidays, so we call it “Golden Week”.) We had a great time during that holidays.



Emperor Akihito abdicated on April 30, 2019 and his son, Crown Prince Naruhito enthroned on May 1, 2019. So, the era of "平成(Heisei)" ended and the new era ”令和(Reiwa)” began on May 1st. (The new era begins with coronation of new emperor and ends with his abdication.) The official English translation of the Japanese government is "Beautiful harmony". It seems that "Reiwa (=Beautiful harmony)" represents good fortune and peace.


Along with the enthronement, the Golden Week Holidays lasted 10 days at the longest, and it was in celebratory mood. When the moment to change the date, people started the countdown like the Year-End Countdown, and when it reached 12 midnight, big cheers heard to celebrate the beginning of the new era. It was like the mood for the New Year Holidays, because people danced and fireworks went up in various places.


Starting the new era, we will keep an attitude to challenge, change and grow up. Therefore, we will make further efforts in providing better service. We appreciate your continued support.

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