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2019.04.26 update

What is Lift Axle for Trailer?

Have you ever seen trailers running around the city with floating tires? It is called “Lift Axle”. It is one of the devices attached to the trailer. I will talk about the “Lift Axle” today.


What is lift axle?
First of all, the Lift Axle of the trailer is "A device that can run with it raised and lowered. " For example, if it is a trailer of 4 axles and 1 axle floats in the air, so the total of axles is in contact with ground becomes "three axles". This function can be switched freely by the driver with a switch. However, the up and down operation while the switch is on is based on the trailer's axial load which means it will be shifted automatically.



What are the advantages of Lift Axle for Trailer?
There are 3 main advantages to introducing a Lift Axle to a Trailer.


1, To extend the life of the tires and brake shoes
2, To reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency
3, To reduce the damage to the road surface


When the Trailer load heavy cargos, the trailer requires more tires to support the load weight, although it does not need that many tires after unloading the heavy cargos. This lift axle enables you to run with the tire floating when you don’t need.

Extending the life of tires can reduce the waste of rubbers which is from abandoned tires, and also be able to reduce waste of the brake shoes. In addition, it is possible to improve fuel efficiency by making the tires float. The reduction in the number of tires to be used during driving reduces the area in contact with the road surface, which in turn reduces the contact time and is expected to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, floating tires can reduce the damage to the ground. In this case, it may be possible to reduce the burden on the ground by making the tires float.


How does the Lift Axle work?
The lift axle function is to raise and lower the axle with the compressed air used by the trailer. It improves the efficiency of the trailer operation by grounding and floating the tires. What makes this possible is a sensor which perceive the weight burdened on the axle. Air will be automatically filled up with the air suspension when the sensor perceives that the cargo weight is lighter than the certain amount.



When does the lift axle function works?
For example, in the case of a 3-axis lift axle, the axle stays on the ground if the axle weight of the rear axle exceeds 9,500 kg due to its weight. The lift axle function is a system that grounds in the order of rear center axis and rear front axis according to load capacity.

Have you gained some new knowledges about the trailer's lift axles?
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