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2019.02.08 update

Keep it cool with a radiator! <<Brand New Radiator for Sale>>

Diesel engine produces power by burning diesel fuel with over 300 degrees Celsius, and, the temperature is over 400 degrees Celsius if gasoline engine. Surprisingly, the combustion chamber of the gasoline engine sometimes reaches even to 800 degrees Celsius. Core part of the engine is made with metals like irons or aluminum, however, these metals are not supposed to bear the high temperature like that.


So, here comes the radiators. Radiators are equipped with trucks or any other motor vehicles to release the heat produced by engines. Radiators of the trucks are mostly mounted at the very front of the vehicle in order to be exposed to the wind and cool the engine coolant inside the radiator.


The cold coolant circulates inside the engine through the channel called water jacket, and reduce the heat of the engine. The coolant which absorbed the heat from the engine comes back to the radiator so that it can be cooled down before it heads back to the engine for another work. 


What will happen if the radiator does not work properly?

As mentioned above, the function of radiator is to cool the engine coolant. Thus, if the radiator does not work properly, it will be unable to cool the coolant and the engine temperature will be extremely high, which will bring about overheating. If you keep running the engine as overheating, the engine will be burnt and be unable to run at worst.


Here are some of the main causes of overheating.

1)Lack of engine coolant amount

2)Defect of cooling system such as radiator or water pump

3)Deteriorated radiator hoses or water jacket


If you find your vehicle showing any symptom for overheating while running, you must find a place to park immediately and call for a mechanic to inspect. To avoid this tragedy, regular maintenances and inspections will be very important.



Cooling fan / Radiator fan

Now, you may wonder what will happen when the engine is running but the vehicle is not in motion, such as when the vehicle is stuck in the traffic or when you park the vehicle with the engine on. Since there is no wind, coolant will not be cooled down and engine become overheated?


To avoid the engine overheating during such occasions, a fan called cooling fan / radiator fan is attached right besides a radiator. It looks just like an air conditioning fan with blades and it perceive the heat of the radiator and works automatically. Thanks to this cooling fan, our engines are able to run properly whether the vehicle is moving or not!




Brand-new radiator for sale

We, Yamada Sharyo Co., Ltd., now deal brand new radiators!


<Available Makes>

Mitsubishi Fuso / Isuzu / UD trucks / Hino / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / Suzuki / Others

We have either for trucks and for passenger vehicles.


<Minimum Order Quantity>

1 container (20ft)

*per palette/per type

*8 pallets/per 20 ft container

*If parts are for ELF, we can put max 20 pcs of Radiator on one palette.


Please check the details from the link below!

Brand New Parts available: https://yamada-co.jp/en/blog/detail/44




Interested in becoming our distributor?

We are currently looking for distributors from different countries for our brand-new radiator. If you are interested in dealing our radiator or any other products in your country, please send us message. Any questions are more than welcome!









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