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2019.02.01 update

Automatic is Getting Attention Little by Little!

It's already February! This Sunday (February 3) is called “the day of Setsubun” in Japan. 

Setsubun signifies the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. It is believed that *Oni (the devil creature in Japan) comes when the seasons change.

To exorcise these Oni, we eat “Ehoumaki” that is thick sushi roll on that day. It is believed that eating the ehoumaki is to bring us fortune. And then, we scatter (throw away) beans with saying “Oni ha soto, Fuku ha uchi”. That saying means “Out with the devil. In with good fortune”.


That’s exciting event, isn’t it?





I will introduce about the current situation of manual and automatic transmission.

For 10 tons trucks such as GIGA(ISUZU), SUPER GREAT(FUSO) and PROFIA(HINO), it seems that manual transmission one is more popular than automatic one.


Why are there a small number of those who prefers automatic one in 10 Ton trucks...?


In passenger cars, there are a lot of automatic one in Japan, but the trucks are different. In the case of trucks, it is said that the manual one is superior, that’s why manual one may be more used than automatic one. Below can be the factors people prefers manual transmission.


Fuel economy is worse.

Because fuel consumption depends on the engine speed, it seems that automatic, in which the timing of shift is decided on the truck itself, is inferior in terms of fuel economy in relation to manuals that can shift at any timing. Manual one would be used because fuel efficiency is a very important for truck drivers.


The effectiveness of the engine brake is weak

The effectiveness of the engine brake is weaker in the automatic. When a lot of luggage are loaded, drivers often use engine brakes to increase the braking power, but it is necessary to drive without having to rely on engine brakes with automatic one.


The number of parts is larger than manual transmission

Compared to manual transmission, automatic one is composed with many parts. Increasing the number of parts indicates that there is a high possibility of trouble as much.


However, the number of automatic trucks has recently increased unexpectedly!





There is a manual truck without a clutch pedal, called Semi-Automatic (also called Smoother, Inomat, Pro Shift, Escot), which is increasing recently.

When you operate the shift lever to change the gear, you can drive without using your left foot and it reduces tiredness even in traffic jams.


High Performance

The trucks with the automatic transmission that are sold recently have more high-performance spec than older model.


Driving License for automatic vehicle

Recently, in Japan, some transport companies have been replaced trucks from manual transmission to automatic one because the number of people acquiring driving licenses limited to drive only automatic cars and trucks. 

The intention of transport companies may be to broaden the range of employee hiring.


With these situations, even if you look at a whole of transportation industry, automatic is getting attention little by little!





Stocks with Semi-Automatic: http://urx3.nu/PT8z

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Stocks with manual: http://urx3.nu/PT8P

All Stocks: https://yamada-co.jp/en/stock/





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