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2021.02.19 update

How much do you care about the tires?

How much do you care about your tires when you inspect and maintain your trucks? Tires are the only part that connects a car to the road. All the basic performance of a car, such as "running", "turning" and "stopping", is transmitted to the road surface through the tires. So where and how should we inspect and maintain the tires? Let me introduce daily tire inspection and maintenance points.



1. Is the AIR PRESSURE appropriate?

2. Is there enough tire’s GROOVE left?

3. Are there any UNEVEN WEAR?

4. Are there any SCRATCHES?

5. Are there any CRACKS?

6. Is the side part BULGING?


1.      Is the AIR PRESSURE appropriate?

Keeping the air pressure proper range is to prevent deterioration of fuel efficiency, deterioration of driving performance, uneven wear, and damage / failure of tires. So be sure to check the air pressure regularly. In addition, proper range of air pressure is depending on the model. And it is usually marked with sticker where you open the driver’s door, so please check it once.


2.      Is there enough tire’s GROOVE left?

As the groove become shallowing, the hydroplaning phenomenon, in which the steering wheel and brakes do not work on rainy days, is more likely to occur. When the tires worn down and the groove becomes shallow, a “Slip Sign” will appear, so if you see this sign, replace it as soon as possible.




The one step higher between the tire grooves is “slip sign”. If you see a slip sign in even one place as shown in photo, it is time to replace the tires.

3.     Is there any UNEVEN WEAR? 

Unbalanced tire wear is more likely to occur if the air pressure is incorrect or if the tire is used without rotation. It will shorten the life of the tire, so be sure to rotate the tires regularly.

This kind of wear of only part is called "uneven wear".




This kind of wear of only part is called “uneven wear”.

4.      Are there any SCRATCHES?

Check the tires for scratches. If the scratches reach the cord inside the tire, the tire may burst and lead to an accident, so if there is scratches, it should be replace as soon as possible.


5.      Are there any CRACKS?

Check the tires for cracks. As long as the cracks do not reach the cord inside of tire, there are no safety issue and continuous use is possible. If it is difficult to judge for yourself, you could ask a maintenance shop or tire shop for inspection.




If the tires have like this crack, you should change your tires. There is high possibility that it will burst.

6. Is the side part BULGING?

   Check if the of the tire is bulging. If part of tire side is bulging locally, the cord inside the tire may be broken. As it dangerous, please replace the tire immediately.


Regular tire inspection can help prevent burst and car other car trouble. Please check your tires regularly for your safe and to avoid accidents!

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