2020.12.11 update

Today's Pick Up!

2020 will finish in 3 weeks. How was your year? There were so much hustle and struggle all over the world with COVID-19. But we need to move on, and carry on doing what we can do! I will introduce some of the new stock we got recently.

1) HINO U-FW1FWBA, TWIN Cylinder 5 ton capacity crane truck

We just got a very rear crane truck! This carries Tadano ZF584, 4 section crane. Normally Japanese crane's capacity is 2.9 ton, but this model's capacity is 5 ton. I have never seen this kind of crane in the last few years.

2) HINO KL-GK1JUJA, heavy duty crane truck

Here is the next special one! Heavy duty, 8 studs crane truck. This carries TADANO ZR504 CRANE 4-section. Of course, working in good condition! Price of the crane truck is still expensive in the Japanese market. If you are looking for a good condition one, please contact us!

3) FUSO U-FM616J, High jacky self loader

Here is another heavy duty 6 wheeler self loader! Of course, this is 8 studs. Perfect size to carry 7 ton heavy equipment. The condition of the truck is very nice and had good maintenance in Japanese standard. Not much unit like this is in the market now, so please hurry and contact us!

4) FUSO U-FK615E, Truck crane

Here is the full truck crane! TS-75M is the crane model, 4.9 ton capacity crane! This has 2 driving seats, for base truck and crane section.

5) TOKYU TD302-113, 16 wheeler trailer

Here you go! This is what many people asked us before, 16 wheeler trailer! Just got 3 units of similar trailers. First come, first served! Hurry and get them!

So today I have listed some special purpose trucks and trailers. Those machines are very hard to find, so please let us know ASAP if you need them.

Still, the world is in confusion, and not many things we can do. Hope we can help you and your business with those special units! Please feel free to contact us, or call us any time!

Also, we have started the weekly auction called HAT10! Please click the above website link, and you will find a HAT10 Weekly Bid banner. We update units every day, and those are one price bid auction closing every Tuesday and Thursday. So please check them constantly so you won't miss the unit you like!

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