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What is Hoist of Dump?

Dump truck is the very useful vehicles for construction companies as it can carry the loads and dump them at one time.
The structure that lifts the body up is called “DUMP HOIST”, and it is not too much to say that dump hoist gives the most important function for Dump truck, if it does not work anymore, it is no longer a “DUMP”, just like Cargo (Flatbody type) truck.



Structure of Dump Hoist
The hoist that lifts the body, consists of three parts: a “lift arm” mounted on the sub-chassis frame of the truck, a “hydraulic cylinder” that lifts the body hydraulically, and a “tension link” that guides the movement of the hydraulic cylinder.


The mounting position of the hoist itself, which is a lifting structure, can be easily understood by imagining the principle of leverage.
If it is mounted too far in front, the hydraulic pressure will be small, but the cylinder stroke will be large. Conversely, if it is too rear, the stroke amount is small, but a large oil pressure is required. Therefore, usually, a hoist assy is mounted slightly forward from the center.


The size of the hoist for heavy trucks is 150 to 200 mm in outer diameter of the inner tube (rod), and the weight of the unit is 100 to 200 kg. It can't be lifted by one person.


The lift arm supporting the hydraulic dumper is made of a sheet of metal in a triangular shape with a height of just under 1.5 m. Inside the lift arm, reinforcements (stiffeners) are attached, to provide extra strength.


Various parts are lubricated with grease, and the hoist assy has nine grease fittings and a mechanism that allows grease to be injected by centralized lubrication to make the hoist work smoothly.


Greasing-up (grease injection) every week or every 100 dumps, and keeping good maintenance is the key to making the dump mechanism last longer.



Japanese Dump Maker
In Japan, there are 10 manufactures of dump truck body, and here we introduce main three companies of them.


The hoist of Shinmaywa is the most used for Japanese dump trucks.
A unique and powerful reverse Mallel-type hoist mechanism has been newly developed. The name of this machine is called "Tenzuki Dump" because the hoist cylinder thrusts toward the sky during dumping, and is widely known in many countries as "TENTSUKI".
Some of our customers ask us if dump hoist is TENTSUKI or not, because it is popular in some markets.

Kyokuto has developed its own hoist mechanism “GORIKI” for over 4 ton trucks to reduce the weight by increasing the working pressure and improve the level of lateral rigidity by changing the structure of the lift arm.
Many dump makers buy hydraulic cylinders from outside the company, but Kyokuto uses hydraulic cylinders from their own factories.


Kodaira is manufacturing from normal dump trucks to special dump trucks like for dump trailer.



Now most of the hoists we find in any makers are either from Shinmaywa or Kyokuto.
Please choose any units you are interested from the list below and ask us which dump maker is installed!








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