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All About Isuzu Elf Trucks!

Today, I will explain the popular 2 ton truck model, ELF from Isuzu. Isuzu is a Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturing company based in Tokyo, started in 1916.


Now this maker is liked by many places in the world. Speaking of Isuzu Elf, we get many inquiries from customers in different country such as Philippines, Malaysia and Bangladesh! So let us explain what kind of Isuzu Elf trucks there are, with Models and some detail of the engine as well as our latest stock list of Isuzu trucks!


Isuzu Elf

This is the Elf. The model code of elf would start from NKR or NPR. Those are two of the main 2 ton based chassis Elf. If you are familiar with the model code, then it’s very easy to tell what kind of truck it is, even you don’t see the actual unit.


Here are some examples of Isuzu Elf model code;

NHR = Standard cabin with 1.5 ton capacity chassis.
NKR = Standard cabin with 2 ton capacity chassis.
NPR = Wide cabin with 2 ton capacity chassis.
NQR = Wide cabin with 3 ton capacity chassis.


Those are the main model code for Elf. And you can tell how the cabin and the loading capacity will be like. After this, it will show you the engine model. For example, if the model code of the unit is, NPR71L, you can tell this has wide cabin, with 4HG1 engine, and wheel base length would be 13ft. Also if you are looking for 4WD, 4 wheel drive truck, you can tell by the last letter of the first 3 alphabets.

NHS, NKS, NPS and NQS. If they have “S” at the end, it means the unit is 4WD.


Do you know where I saw to find out what engine is on this truck? You can refer to the 2 digit numbers after NPR. If it says 71, that means this unit’s engine is 4HG1 model. Below is the list of engines you might like in Bangladesh.

58 = 4BE1
66 = 4HF1
71 = 4HG1


After the engine code, usually an alphabet letter, which represents the length of the wheel base, will follow. There are 3 main ones which would be nice to remember when you pick the unit.

E = 10ft
L = 13ft
P = 14ft


Also if the unit is dump, the model would be like NKR66ED. The letter “D” comes after the length of the wheel base.

Now with this way, you can tell by the model code which would be suitable for your business!


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