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2018.12.07 update

The Warning Light on Meter Panel

While driving a truck, the warning lamp lights suddenly when you see the meter panel in front of the driver seat.

Have you experienced something like this before?


The warning light of the truck calls a driver attention to something wrong with vehicle. If you learn the type of truck warning light, you can see the cause and measure for sudden problem.





Charging System Warning Light

A red battery mark like above lights off when the engine is on. This mark is charging system warning. Even if the engine is on, it is light up all the time or it lights up during driving, there is abnormality in the charging system of truck. If there is no electricity in battery, the engine may stop.




Engine Warning Light

When the mark above lights orange color or yellowish color, it is engine warning light. There may be someone who does not know the mark of engine, and it is also called a propeller mark (It lights up near the speedometer).

When this lights up, it is a possibility that there is a problem around the engine, but it is not necessarily a malfunction. However, if it lights continuously, please make a vehicle inspected. For example, the engine warning light is light up if there is a cause in the ignition coil. Since the acceleration of the truck can be worse, please go to the shop as earlier as you can and have the vehicle inspected.



Brake Warning Light

As you may already know the red mark of "!", it is brake warning light. This lamp lights when putting on the parking brake.

If you keep it putting on in driving, it not only reduces gas mileage but also cause breakdown. Also, if this lamp light up when the parking brake is not applied, it can be guessed that the brake fluid is decreasing. It will be necessary to inspect the engine room as soon as possible at dealer.



Coolant Temperature Warning Light


This is letter of “C” and “H” or marks like waves. You know that "C" means cold and "H" means hot. It is related to the temperature of the coolant for the engine. “C” light up right after turning the engine on, but the mark disappears when the engine warms up.

If "H" light up during driving, the temperature will be too high and overheat, so you need to stop truck immediately. In the case of "H" lights up for the long time, the engine will be broken due to overheat. That can cause that the repair cost will be very expensive. In addition, if the extent of damage is terrible, you have to replace the engine itself or disposal. 


*The temperature of cooling water is 70 ~ 96 ℃, and there is a possibility of overheating when it is over 100 ℃

I explained about the cause and measures of the typical warning lights. 

In order to use your track for a long time, please keep driving safely while paying attention to the warning lights periodically.



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