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2021.12.10 update

Understanding truck dashboard warning lights

Have you ever been driving a truck when all of a sudden you hear a beep, and the warning light on the dashboard starts to flash?

If you don’t know what the meaning of the warning light is, you may panic like ‘Should I repair ASAP? Did I break my truck?’


Don’t worry about it.


They can warn us of potential problems and help you avoid a possible breakdown or system down. Each warning light illuminates for a reason when your truck requires attention. In most cases, a warning does not result in an expensive repair or serious problem. Understanding the dashboard warning light is essential to know what is wrong with your truck.

The warning light symbols and dashboard locations depend on the year and model of the truck.

You can check the most common warning light explanation from our previous blog below.

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And this time, I would like to explain that more specific warning light.

1.      Clutch disc warning light

This is the warning light used on the Mitsubishi Canter. Recently, I was asked about this warning light from our customer, and I looked up what it was because I didn’t know it until he asked. This warning light is telling us the remaining clutch disc capacity. If the clutch is used to the limit of wear, the car will not move at all even if the clutch is connected. Once the lamp is on, it should be better repaired in a month.

2.      Disc brake warning light

This is also the warning light you can see on the Mitsubishi Canter. This light indicates the remaining capacity of the brake pads, mainly found on over 2 tons size of trucks. The light style may be different for each truck maker. Once this light is on, the brake pad of your truck may be worn out. It would be better to replace it soon, and once the light comes on, the brake pad sensor must also be replaced to delete the light.

 3.      Heat indicates light 

This light shows on because the system of your vehicle is functioning normally. In a diesel engine, the air is compressed to a high temperature and fuel is injected to ignite it naturally. However, in winter, the air itself is quite cold, and even if this cold air is compressed, it may not reach a temperature high enough for the fuel to ignite spontaneously. Therefore, a mechanism is installed to warm up the combustion chamber in advance. When you turn on the key before starting the engine, this preheats indicator light will come on. It will light up for about five seconds and then go out. When this process is complete, it means that the combustion chamber is warmed up. It is not called a WARNING light, but we call it to mean an INDICATOR light.

4.      EPS warning light

This is the warning light for the electric power steering used for Nissan vehicle. If the EPS warning light comes on while driving, there may be a malfunction in the operation of the EPS system and repair may be required. When the EPS warning light comes on, the EPS will stop working, but you can still operate the steering wheel. In this condition, a large amount of force will be required to operate the steering wheel, especially during sharp turns and low-speed driving.

As you can see from the above information, understanding the dashboard warning lights on your truck is important to ensure you and other road users are safe.

Not only that, ignoring warning lights can prove costly if the fault worsens.

I hope this information will help you when the warning light comes up on your dashboard.

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