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2019.11.15 update

Best four truck makers in Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso (FUSO)

Mitsubishi FUSO which manufacture commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks became independent from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in 2003. And now, Mitsubishi Fuso is the company affiliated with Daimler AG (previously named Daimler-Benz and DaimlerChrysler) in German.


Mitsubishi Fuso vehicles are also highly rated and popular all over the world especially around Asia. Very good engine balance and relatively cheap price are features of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks. The engines made by Daimler is suitable for long distance driving due to less noise and vibration. Seats are also made in good quality and comfortable, so they are the reasons why people choose Mitsubishi Fuso trucks for long distance drives. In addition, Mitsubishi Fuso is expanding the sales to overseas by affiliating with Daimler, many of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are lion’s share in the world.


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Isuzu is known for truck maker now, but it actually has a longer history as an auto mobile manufacture. Isuzu had also been producing passenger cars before, however that business has withdrawn from Japanese market. They have started to focus on truck manufactures then Isuzu marked top profit in brand new truck market in Japan. The feature of Isuzu is excellent techniques of diesel engine.


Some says that Isuzu does not have many dealers, so it is difficult to repair trucks when they break down, however, diesel engines made by Isuzu are still very popular in China, South East Asia and of course Japan too.

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Hino is also one of the best four truck makers in Japan. Hino is a part of Toyota group. They manufacture trucks and buses under HINO brand. They are also consigned Toyota production such as ‘LAND CRUISER PRADO’ ‘FJ CRUISER’ ‘DYNA’ and ‘TOYOACE’. Also, they participate in the world's most severe motor sports competition, the Dakar Rally, with a high level of technology.  Furthermore, Hino was the first Japanese truck maker which was expanded to Argentina. The feature of Hino is the engine horsepower. Hino trucks are popular in terms of reliable trucks.
They also have manufacturing factory in Indonesia and Thailand.


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UD trucks (UD)

UD Trucks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volvo Group since 2007. Before 2010, the company was known as Nissan Diesel. Since 2010, they changed company name to ‘UD Trucks Corporation’. The feature of UD is the engine horsepower and the clutch. So that means even on a slope, you can easily start running. They have been able to boast a large share in the market of heavy duty trailer.




Also, there are some of OEM which is short for ‘Original Equipment Manufacture’. OEMs are typically manufacturers who resell another company's product under their own name and branding. Please check the following small list of OEMs. 

There are other OEM so please check it out.



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